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We can not wait to show you....
Forty two (42) New Miyuki Delica Beads this summer.
We will let you know as we get them in and ready for you.

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Still have New Luminous Specials!
Ten (10) Luminous colors in Size 15s, 11s, and 8s Round Rocailles
and Delica Size 10 DBM
See our Luminous special Promos below.

Fifty (50) colors Half Cut Tilas 5x2.3x1.9mm with 0.8mm 2 holes See our Half Cut Tila Promo below

Half Cut Tila (HTL) Promos
PRM HTL 50 $610.60 Includes 50 grams each of Fifty (50) colors 25 grams of expensive
PRM HTL 100 $1191.82 Includes 100 grams each of Fifty (50) colors 50 grams of expensive

Current Promotions are listed here
Luminous Special Promos
Each promo includes 100 grams each of TEN(10)Luminous Colors
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Size 8RR Size 11R Size 15RR Delica Size 10
DBM 100 gram
Delica Size 10
DBM 50 gram
Price $45.50 $47.50 $85.50 $140.80 $72.90
Savings $5.00 $5.00 $5.00 $5.00 $5.00

New Sample Bead Cards
Half Cut Tila 50 colors $7.50 BC HTL

Luminous Cards 10 Colors All $1.00 each
Size 11 BC 11RR Lum
Size 15 BC 15RR Lum
Size 8 BC 8RR Lum
Delica size 10 BC DBM Lum

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We have a few of these left! Miyuki has released a beautiful 60 page complimentary booklet. This booklet called "Dear Beaders" contains a wealth of information regarding the rich history and warm philosophy of this company and its consumers. Request one with your next order. Supply is limited, so one per customer, please.
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