Frequently Asked Questions


Question? Why do the same bead colors vary?
Answer. Miyuki works very hard to ensure that there is little variance in colors, however, red and blues tend to be the most difficult to predict.  As with any items that are made in lots, each lot will vary and we cannot guarantee that a virtual match will be made. 


Do you have a Catalog?
Unfortunately, we no longer have a catalog or a price-list.  However, we may be able to provide some pricing on some groups of beads for you by request only.  See: Feedback
Can I search your website by bead type?
Yes. This is really easy! You may search by bead type, size, finish, part number, color, or even by package size and price. See: Shop


Why Ship UPS?
UPS is often more economical than USPS Priority. UPS has guaranteed delivery dates. USPS Priority/Express does not. UPS shipments can be tracked during transit. USPS tracking verifies receipt and delivery only, does not track the shipment in route. See: Feedback
How long does it take to process my order?
Our processing time is usually less than 24 to 48 business hours but may exceed that if the order is very complicated. See: Shop
How is my order shipped?
We ship by your choice UPS or US Postal Service Priority within 48 contiguous states, Priority to Hawaii & Alaska.
What do we charge for shipping?
All online orders show estimated shipping charges. All costs for shipping are actual shipping charges. Current UPS COD charges are additional.
See: Feedback
Do you ship products to international customers?
Yes. We ship UPS Worldwide Express, and US Postal Service Priority. If you want it shipped differently let us know. Actual shipping charges will be applied to your order. See: Feedback
Can I track my order through UPS?
We will email you a UPS tracking number as we ship your order when you request.
I want my order insured, how much extra is that?
  To protect your orders, all orders are automatically insured for their full value.
Will I receive an order confirmation?
Soon after you place an order we will send you an email confirming your order.


Is there a minimum order?
Yes, our minimum order is $75.00 of product. If the order is less, a $5.00 small order fee will be added. No small order fee will be charged for Bead Sample Cards. See: Shop
Do you offer any discounts?
Yes! We reward orders over $1000.00 of product with a 2% discount when paid within terms. See: Shop
What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept the following: Credit Cards, COD & Net 30 on established/approved accounts. Prepayment on phone or mail order is also available. See: Shop
Which credit cards do you accept?
We accept: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. See: Shop
How do I place an order?
After we activate your account, you may shop online. Email orders to Call 1-800-601-9973. Fax 1-541-884-0203. Or mail to C&GG Beads, Inc. 3221 Boardman Ave. Klamath Falls OR USA 97603 See: Shop
Do you have bead samples?
Yes. We have sample cards that you may purchase. This is often helpful as it allows you to touch and see the actual beads. These are located in our "Supplies" section. See: Shop
What if you are out of an item that I need?
You have two options. 1. You may let us know you want to back order this product. We will let you know when we get it in.  2.  Keep trying to order it with your next order.  We will always try to let you know when to expect it.
See: Feedback


How do I qualify to become a customer?
First, you must complete a registration or application form. You must be a business able to provide a business or tax ID number. See: Registration
Do you sell retail?
No, we are only a wholesale supplier.
Do you honor special requests?
We honor each special request on a case to case basis. Contact us by phone 800-601-9973 or email us for special requests. See: Feedback
Can I return an item?
Yes, within 30 days of purchase. Please contact us for approval then send the product in its original package with a copy of the invoice and a short note of why you are returning it. See: Feedback
What if I am shorted or find a defect in my product?
Please note that most of our products are weighed and that different scales will weigh slightly heavy or light. If there is a serious shortage or obvious damage, please contact us and we will take care of it. See: Feedback
What happens when I refer someone to you?
We really appreciate it when you refer your friends and business associates to us! We will give you a $30.00 credit on your account for each customer you have referred when they place $500.00 worth of product orders with us. You can use this credit toward your next purchase. See: Feedback
How can I start a line of credit?
Contact us for information and an application about opening an account. See: Feedback

Searching for Beads

How do I search for beads?
On the "SHOP" page, click the link for "Beads". The Search Engine will appear. The first window to appear is the easiest one to use for your search, which is simply by "BEAD TYPE". Choose 1 (one) bead type, add it to "Criteria List" and click "Search Now". See: Shop
How do I narrow my search?
You may want to choose to search by "Bead Type" and by "Size" to narrow your search. Searching by Product Number, Color, and Bead Finish is available too. ***web tip..... Click "Clear Criteria" before any new search See: Shop
Why does the search engine say "No Records Found"?
Most of the time this indicates that the search engine is confused. Just Click "CLEAR CRITERIA" before starting a new search! Otherwise, it combines all of your previous search criteria with your new search. For example, if you were searching for Size 6 seed beads then choose to search for Delicas, it will find nothing as it is now searching for Delicas in Size 6.
I am searching by color and can't find what I am looking for?
To search by COLOR, try using various descriptions for the base color. For example, if you are searching for a particular shade of purple, try "violet", "amethyst" or "lavender".

General Web Information

Which Internet Browser can I use?
Our website currently works best on Internet Explorer. We know this site is also compatible with Firefox and have heard that others work also.  Let us know if you have any problems!
I can't see the bead pictures!
If you are using Internet Explorer and can go onto our site and view everything except bead selections, you may need a java boost! We recommend the following website for a safe and free download to update the java on your browser. Go to (  "Java Software Download" Clicking on this download will not only improve your experience with our site, but will improve the speed and clarity of other websites as well.


Do you offer any discounts for new customers or for newly opened stores?
We offer lots of new customer information which includes some wonderful discounted specials. These include complete and partial lines (groups) of our beads offered at a discount. This offers you the ability to purchase smaller quantities of each bead within that package with the added advantage of purchasing beads at our best price break! See: Feedback
Do you ever have "Sales"?
Yes. We do have "Promotional Specials".  We also feature deals on our home page.
See: Shop
Can I be added to a mailing list?
Yes, email us or sign up for emails when you register. See: Feedback
Do you match competitor's prices?
  There may be minor price differences between the different importers, however, overall our prices are very competitive. We do not match prices on individual items.
See: Bead Leave It or Not!
I have never carried Miyuki Beads before. Can you give me any idea of what the most popular sizes and colors are?
Yes! We can provide you with information about the popularity of any of our beads. We also have other helpful bead information such as the number of beads per gram and other helpful info to help you with your Miyuki needs.  Click on the link and request the type of information you would like to have. See: Feedback
Can I purchase beads in smaller sizes than those listed?
We list our standard package sizes. Sometimes we can do special orders for other bulk packaging, but it will take us longer to process your order. We also package for retail sale such as prepackaged BEADS in TUBES (see "Miyuki Tubed Beads" under "SHOP" page).  See: Shop

Bead Information

Question? Are your packages of beads weighed or packed by volume?
Answer. Beads are weighed as marked.  Note that there is an allowed +/- variance of 0.3 grams of stated description. 
Question? Why do the same bead colors vary?
Answer. Miyuki works very hard to ensure that there is little variance in colors, however, reds and blues tend to be the most difficult to predict.  As with many color sensitive items, such as paint and yarn, DYE LOTS MAY VARY.
Question? Do your expensive Delica beads come in smaller package sizes than listed? 
Answer. Our Gold and Palladium plated beads do come in 25 gram bags.  If you want this size package please indicate it in the comments section of your order.  Please note that there may be a very slight increase of the per gram cost due to the labor intensity of this process.